RECENT CHURCH TRIP - June 28, 2018

Our trip to Seagrove, NC today was a great time of fellowship and learning. We were able to see the pottery process with Sid Luck, a potter with 63 years experience. Sid is a fifth generation potter who produces traditional, lead free, utilitarian stoneware. We shared a meal together at a local Seagrove restaurant. After our meal, we continue to shop in the local pottery shops. Finally, we ended the trip with a stop at PR Moore's Produce to buy local produce and get ice cream. We appreciate everyone who was able to join the adventure and drove the group. Finally, we appreciate Sandy Hatley who organized and led the trip. 

Sid Luck

Breaking Bread Together

Our Travel Group

Ending Treats

Women Luncheon 2018


Attentive Audience

Attentive Audience

Enjoy our hats!